How to Install Proofnami Pixel on WordPress

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This article describes how to install Proofnami pixel in self hosted WordPress website.

Tip 1: This process is simple, straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.
Tip 2: This instruction works for selfhosted WordPress site.

Get Your Proofnami Code

Login to your Proofnami account and click “Install script” on the right navigation bar.

Copy your Proofnami code

Select “Copy code” from the section


Now you should go to your WordPress website where you want to install the Proofnami pixel code.

Install ‘Header/Footer Plugin

Since Proofnami code is required to be installed on the header of the website, we will use a plugin that makes code insertion in header and footer easy.  The plugin we will use is called “Insert Script In Headers And Footers“.

Go to WordPress plugin page and do a search for the plugin – “Insert Script In Headers And Footers” and install the plugin.

Search for the plugin

Install the plugin

Paste the Proofnami Code

Now Paste the Proofnami Code into the Header position of the installed plugin.


After pasting the code and clicking on the Save button, you must go and access your wordpress blog to initiate the first load of the Proofnami pixel.


Check Installation Status

You can confirm the installation now by going back to the Proofnami Install Script page and clicking on the Check activity button.

If the installation was completed, you will see a new result with the domain where you installed the Proofnami Pixel Code.


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